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  • Year: 2013

You find me dear reader, pondering over a suitcase, looking forlorning into the night sky. A crumpled sheet of paper lies beside me, upon it a list of necessities.

Passport, visa, hotel reservation, hotel address, ticket…..I am packing. I fucking hate packing. By the time many of you read this I will be high above the clouds on my way to SXSW. A pilgrimage that I have threatened to do for so many years, that it barely feels real.

Anyway, I’m going to try and record a show out there, so there will be lots of opportunity to chat shit about Texas and the like then, so for now you’ll just have to put up with a selection of songs that i thought have been ruddy marvellous these last few weeks.

If you’re so inclined why not Like the Facebook page, I’ll be posting a link to the best band I see every night while I’m out there.

1. Neon Neon - Mid Century Modern Nightmare (Lex Records) 2013 – From a record that’s all about some Italian dude who knew Warhol and the like!. Not The Like, as in the girl band but the like as in…..whatevz
2. Empress Of – Hat Trick (Terrible Records) 2013 – Give Empress Of a big ol’ Like on Facebook.
3. Deptford Goth – Lions (Merok Records) 2013 – From a frankly great record called Life After Defo, that has too long of gaps between each song.
4. Atoms For Peace – Unless (XL Recordings) 2013 – From a not as shit as I’d have thought it considering it features a Red Hot Chili Pepper album called Amok.
5. Pure X – Things In My Head (Merok Records) 2013 – They are from Austin, TX. I’m going to check them out this week.
6. Cluster – Hollywood (Brain Records) 1974 – From an album called Zuckerzeit, go check it out.
7. Brolin - Reykjavik (Double Denim Records) 2013 – Produced by Wild Beasts collaborator David Pye, will appear on Brolin’s forthcoming Cundo EP, out March 25th.
8. Hookworms – In Our Time (Records) 2013 – From a far out record called Pearl Mystic, which you can buy now from all branches of Asda and Our Price.
9. Menace Beach – Tastes Like Medicine (Unsigned) 2013 – Soundcloud is your friend.
10. Desaparecidos – Anonymous (Saddle Creek Records) 2013 – New single that came out at the start of the month, go and buy it here.