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  • Song Name: #043
  • Artist: ….andeveryonesadj
  • Year: 2013

You find me today dear reader, recovering or perhaps recovered it might be a bit to early to tell, from a 226.2 mile ordeal that I do not wish to repeat.

Thanks to the woman with the #edballs sign, I'm still in tremendous pain, however I remain vigilant, determined to spread the good news to the masses. How many people have to be in a mass before it is considered a plural? Anyway, this week I cottoned on that Bandcamp now has fan pages and they are very useful, and as a result there be a couple of tracks on #043 that I found on Bandcamp, with no idea if they are new or not. Fan pages are something I'd been looking for Bandcamp to introduce for a while now, and its good to see that they have finally seen sense and listened to me. I feel like Andy Dufrense. I will now write 2 letters a month!

1. !!! - Station (Meet Me At The)
2. Truls - Out For Yourself
3. Bibio - You
4. All These Fingers - Charcoal Riddim
5. J-Live - The Fun Razor
6. Slander - Magnets
7. Waxahatchee - Brother Bryan
8. The Dead Heads - When I'm Dead
9. Drenge - Necromance Is Dead
10. Vacation - Pyro Hippies