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  • Song Name: #053
  • Artist: ….andeveryonesadj
  • Year: 2014

We're back, and this time a lot clearer than normal. I've been experiencing some technical issues recording in the last few episodes but I've bought a new mixer so hopefully it's coming through loud and clear. Same shit chat mind, just clearer.

This week, I've got a whole load of guitars and not much in the way of anything else. So perhaps look away now.....or not. New singles from ....aeadj podcast favourites La Sera and DZ Deathrays. New bands like Tigercub and Broken Hands and music from the new albums from Protomartyr and Fear Of Men along with a few other nuggets.

1. DZ Deathrays - Gina Works At Hearts
2. Broken Hands - No One Left To Meet
3. The Dough Rollers - Always
4. La Sera - Losing In The Dark
5. Chad Van Gaalen - Monster
6. PUP - Reservoir
7. The Oxygen Thieves - Maskara
8. Protomartyr - Trust Me Billy
9. Tigercub - Blue Blood
10. Fear of Men - Inside